Swingin' With Hollywood Joe

This CD features not only studio tracks, but live gig performances as well as guitar solos!

Swingin' With Hollywood Joe
1. Joey's Jive
2. My Love Is Too Strong
3. No Time For Crying
4. Guitar Solo #VIII
5. Swing '81 (Jerry Lewis Tele.)
6. When I Get The Blues
7. I'm Counting On You
8. Tonight is the Night 
(Jerry Lewis Telethon)
9. Back Then
10. Guitar Solo #IV
11. Going Back To Memphis 
(Live in NYC)
12. Blues Ala Joe
13. Joey's Jive (Live in NYC)
14. Guitar Solo #I

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Rock & Roll Party

Just like it's title, the Rock & Roll Party CD lives up to it's name! Put it on in the background at your very next party and let it do it's stuff! It is packed with rockin', swingin' &  jivin' party tracks. Log on to it NOW!

1. No Time For Crying
2. Guitar Solo #V
3. Part Time
4. Going Back To Memphis
5. Tonight Is The Night
6. A Love That Lasts Forever
7. My Love Is Too Strong
8. Little Girl
9. Guitar Solo #IX
10. When I Get The Blues
11. I'm Coming On To You
12. Set Me Free
13. Road Dog Blues
14. It's All Over Town
15. I'm Counting On You
16. Guitar Solo #VII
17. Back Then
18. So Long
19. Jack of Hearts

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Alive & Well In...?

Alive & Well In...?

This CD features lots of live performances and 5 different guitar solos, all under 1 minute each. 
As for the title, we still don't know where Hollywood Joe is!


1. Back Then (Live in LA)
2. Blues Ala Joe
3. I'm Coming On To You 
(Jerry Lewis Telethon.)
4. The Girl I'm In Love With 
(Live in LA)
5. Going Back To Memphis 
(Live Blues, NY)
6. Guitar Solo #V
7. Guitar Solo #VI
8. Guitar Solo #VII
9. Guitar Solo #VIII
10. Guitar Solo #IX
11. Jack of Hearts (Live in NYC)
12. Joey's Jive (Jerry Lewis Telethon)
13. Road Dog Blues
14. Set Me Free (Live in NYC)
15. She Should Be With Me (Live)
16. Swing '81(Jerry Lewis Telethon)
17. Tonight Is The Night 
(Jerry Lewis Telethon)
18. Wait Until Dark (Live in NYC)
19. Wonderful Man (Live in LA)
20. Wonderful Man (Live in NYC)
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This CD has 24 songs - everything ranging from rockabilly to jazz to bossa-nova to pop to swing- even a tribute to Django Reinhardt titled "NANOLOGY" Plus a mystery track #25 "Interview"
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Alive & Well In...?
1. It's Alright, It's Alright
2. Wait Until Dark
3. Stay Young
4. The Girl I'm In Love With
5. Joey's Jive
6. I'll Take Tomorrow
7. Back Then
8. It's All Over Town
9. Wonderful Man
10. Let's Talk (Interview) 

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This is a unique CD in that it was recorded at various gigs around the United States!

17 Cuts!


1. Tonight Is The Night (Jerry Lewis Telethon)
2. Going Back To Memphis (Live In LA)
3. Joey's Jive (Jerry Lewis Telethon)
4. Wait Until Dark (Live in NYC)
5. Back Then (Live In LA)
6. Part Time (Live in NYC)
7. The Girl I'm In Love With (Live In LA)
8. Going Back To Memphis (Live in NYC)
9. Set Me Free (Live in NYC)
10. Wonderful Man (Live in NYC)
11. She Should Be With Me (Live)
12. Jack of Hearts (Live in NYC)
13. Going Back To Memphis (Live Blues)
14. Joey's Jive (Live in NYC)
15. Wonderful Man (Live in LA)
16. I'm Coming On To You (Jerry Lewis Telethon)
17. Swing '81 (Jerry Lewis Telethon)

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Here are a bunch of rockin' tracks with backtracks for you to sing along to, once you've learned the lyrics!

1. I'm Counting On You
2. I'm Counting On You (Backtrack)
3. It's All Over Town
4. It's All Over Town (Backtrack)
5. It's Alright, It's Alright
6. It's Alright, It's Alright (Backtrack)
7. Jack of Hearts
8. Joey's Jive
9. Joey's Jive (Backtrack)
10. Joey's Jive (Live In NYC)
11. Let It Be Me
12. Let It Be Me (Backtrack)
13. Little Girl
14. My Love Is Too Strong
15. My Love Is Too Strong (Backtrack)
16. Nanology
17. No Time For Crying
18. Part Time
19.  Part Time (Backtrack)
20. Part Time (Live In NYC) 
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More backtracks to sing along to - as well as a lot more tunes including the spooky "Wait Until Dark"!

 1. Set Me Free
2. She Should Be With Me
3. So Long
4. Someone Who'll Be Good To Me
5. Someone Who'll Be Good To Me (Backtrack)
6. Stay Young
7. Stay Young (Backtrack)
8. The Girl I'm In Love With
9. They Know Not What They Do
10. Tonight Is The Night
11. Wait Until Dark
12. Wait Until Dark (Backtrack)
13. When I Get The Blues
14. Where Have All The Good Times Gone?
15. Wonderful Man
16. Wonderful Man (Backtrack)
17. You
18. Your Turn To Cry
19. Your Turn To Cry (Backtrack) 

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